What is a Junior Enterprise?

A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organisation, formed and managed exclusively by university students, which provides services for companies, institutions, and individuals.

Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, with the main goal of enhancing the learning of their members through practical experiences.

It is about enhancing the opportunities for students to foster their knowledge and skills. There are many benefits for students,  however, it can be classified in 5 main goals:


To promote the learning by doing philosophy
Students learn how to strategically manage and develop a company by working in their JE.


To encourage a business education approach
The learnings from classes are put into practice, through hands-on projects.


To develop entrepreneurial skills
Recognizing opportunities, planning, implementing and generating results – JEs are a lab to develop skills.


To enhance students’ employability
Junior Enterprises form committed and skilled students, enhancing their employability rate up to 20 percentage points.


To foster social and economic growth
Fostering growth in the local SMEs and creating more businesses (2x more propensity), students learn and deliver concrete results.

The goal is

1000 Junior Enterprises doing projects pro bono.

The epidemic crisis in 2020 is impacting the world economy. Now Junior Enterprises have the opportunity to give back, helping the SMEs to innovate in the new societal paradigm. From reorganising human resources to understanding new consumption habits. It’s time to be bold. And kind.

Junior Entreprise EPFL, Switzerland

The responsible, inspirational and sustainable change makers.


A Junior Enterprise is a non profit organisation run by University students.

There are over 1300 Junior Enterprises worldwide, that make a network of over 50 000 students with the power of changing the world. Now is the time to use that power. The goal is to reach 1000 Junior Enterprises that did at least one project for free for an SME that is being affected by the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

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