Communication Plan and Sponsorship System for a Startup is the first 100% Local and 100% free merchant site so that merchants in the city of Angers (the city of our headquarters) can continue to sell their products easily during the confinement period and so that the inhabitants do not change their buying habits!

The shopkeepers are suffering a lot from the situation and their commercial activity is almost at a standstill. It is very important for us to get involved in this project and to participate in the success of the Angers Shopping platform to enable them to better envisage the future.

With ESSCA Junior Conseil, we have therefore decided to sign a partnership with Wishibam, the startup behind the project. We are volunteering to create the B2C communication plan for the platform’s social networks and to produce a report on the most judicious sponsorship system to implement in B2B.

In addition to the benefits for local merchants, it is also our will to help this small start-up that can revolutionize the life of merchants in this period of confinement.

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