Help a company

There are lots of ways to do nice things to people.

We as Junior Entrepreneurs are in the special situation that we are not only able to help on a free basis, but that we also have a variety of skills which enable us to support businesses on their way through this crisis.

You can join the initiative in two ways:

  1. If your Junior Enterprise already has a project, you can simply sign up to get access to our worldwide Slack channel for other Junior Entrepreneurs supporting this initiative and you can be featured with your project in the communication of our initiative.
  2. If your Junior Enterprise does not have a project to help a business yet, you can select the “add us to the pool of Junior Enterprises available for a project” option in the registration form.
    Now you can look out for projects and on top we might also contact you if we receive a project request from a company that matches with your Junior Enterprise’s to help you with your search for projects.
    You will of course also get access to our Slack channel if you are still looking for a project and you can get featured as soon as you get one!

Regardless of whether you already have a project you can also support the initiative by sharing it to other Junior Entrepreneurs or people you know who work in small or medium-sized enterprises and could be in need for a project.

We count on you!