Supporting a workshop for disabled children

Crisol from Argentine delivered a project for “Piedra Libre”, a young business focused on the development of young disabled children. The beneficiary is a therapeutic companion and an advanced student of occupational therapy, which she undertook some years ago, founding a workshop where children with disabilities and without disabilities attend. 

The workshop is focused on treating different pathologies of the attendees, strengthening their development and allowing them to achieve objectives to overcome the barriers that life presents to them in childhood, encouraging their integral development.

Furthermore, she works with animals doing animal-assisted therapy for children.

As consultants, Crisol provided her with support to grow her business in several areas. They helped her to automate and standardise her operations by analysing her business and proposing solution for it, they supported her with design and communication for social networks and they elaborated a hygiene protocol to enable her to keep up her service during the current pandemic.

They also provided her with advice on her organisational structure, commercial strategies and eventually a business plan to be able to expand.

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