Trading platform for local farmers and producers

On behalf of JEDI, our team, composed by Arnau Cinca, Rita Geleta and Alberto López, is currently developing a platform with a mobile application which fosters local commerce and at the same time, helps small businesses and farmers in the times of this pandemic and the confinement due to COVID-19 which has led the proximity trade to a cease, since farmers, local producers and small businesses without means of selling their products online had no possibility to have sales.

Our innovative solution favors the sales and distribution of high quality (ecological) and proximity agri-food. We propose a unified platform where each farmer, local producer, small business can register, and start selling their products. This gives the sellers visibility, and to the users a great variety of products. It unifies all entities, since there will be no need to search the producers on different platforms (different social networks, specific sites, etc.), everything will be in one place, which is practical, simple and easy. Our platform is sort of an online farmers market which allows, on the one hand, farmers to do e-commerce, without the need of developing a personal website, spend time on social network marketing, carry on blogs, etc., and on the other hand, users can easily find proximity and ecological products nearby. The platform has a search engine with filters, allowing users to customize their search and to find exactly what they want.

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